Shortwave Radio
Direction Finding

by DARC e.V. Germany in IARU region 1

Radio Direction Finding Service

The Intruder Monitoring of the DARC e.V. has its own direction finding service.

A team of eleven qualified staff work in this service and take care of radio direction finding tasks in the shortwave spectrum.

They use a network of SDRs that are networked and can be operated remotely.

The physical basis of direction finding is the "Time Difference of Arrival, TDoA", i.e. the differences in the propagation time of a signal to different locations of reception.

A mathematical algorithm calculates coordinates from this, which give conclusions about the location of the transmission.

The Intruder Monitoring of the DARC owns its own remote receivers, which are exclusively available to us.


Radion Direction Finding Team

Mario - DL4MFM
Per - DL2GO
Stefan - DM2TIM
Erwin - DL2KCW
Andreas - DK7RCA
Daniel - DL9EVO
Sebastian - DK4YA
Michael - DH6MB
Ulrich - DL1US
Sven - DO6KS
Ralf - DL5HAI
Daniel - DL3RTL

Result Evaluation Team

Erwin - DL2KCW
Michael - DH6MB
Alex - DB3TA
Daniel - DL3RTL


Our shortwave listening station is fully automated and monitors the amateur radion bands 24/7 for unauthorised emissions to be received in central Europe.

Learn all about our system in this article.


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